Apia Driving School is an accredited provider of the Transport for NSW Safer Drivers Course and long standing provider of driver education, in operation since 1963

3 hours in-class training + 2 hour in car training…. Receive a 20 hour bonus in your log book!!

Knock 20 hours off your logbook and learn to become a safer driver!  The Safer Drivers Course will help you develop your awareness, response to risks (and influences) and teach you practical low risk driving strategies that will make you a safer driver today!

3 hours in-class training +  2 hour in car training….  Receive a 20 hour bonus in your log book!!

The Safer Drivers Course will teach you how to manage some of the risks, distractions and influences that you will experience when you graduate to you P’s and solo driving. In the course you will also learn and put into practice, low risk driving strategies that will keep you safe on our roads for a lifetime.

Book yourself into the next course being run and get your P’s sooner!

To be eligible for the course you must:

  • Hold a NSW Learners Licence
  • Be under 25 years old
  • Have completed a minimum 50 hours of on road driving hours (not counting any bonus hours gained from the 3 for 1 bonus scheme)

Cost - $140 

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Apia Driving School Review

A big thank you to Sam and Apia Driving School for helping me get my P’s! As a mature driver it was a little daunting getting on the road, but Sam was very patient and a great instructor and taught me how to be a safe driver and pass the test.

I will recommend Apia to everyone!


Ana ReviewThank you APIA DRIVING SCHOOL! My son, Gabriel, achieved 100% in his P test today and we couldn’t be happier. Please thank Sam and Aaron for their expertise and patience. Practice rounds around the Five Dock RTA were a great way to build up his knowledge of the area as well as his confidence. Although, seven applicants had failed before him today, he did you guys proud by counting to five (when indicating) and overtly moving his head from side to side at intersections and roundabouts. I’ll certainly be contacting you again for when my younger offsprings require driving instruction. Thanks again Nicolo for arranging lesson times to accommodate our busy schedule! All the best. x


Clara ReviewJust the best! Thankyou so much to my Driving Instructor Sam for putting up with me


Cris ReviewThank you Sam for the great lesson best instructor ever I highly recommend him .. Legend got my P flying colors

Passed driving test at Marrickville

Jeremy ReviewThanks to Sam and APIA. Sam is a very calm, clear driving instructor. The techniques used particularly for the maneuvers as well as for normal driving are clear and work well. Good theoretical and practical instructions. Passed P’s first time. Would recommend.


Justin ReviewI passed my driving test today on my first attempt and this was made possible by the guidance that Nicolo provided for me during our lessons. Thank you!


Marc ReviewExcellent instructor. Very happy with the results.

Passed driving test at Marrickville

NicaAfter failing my test 4 times in Perth, I passed 1st time in Sydney thanks to Sam!

What a legend!

His support and confidence in my driving abilities gave me the courage to get my P’s. I am so grateful to Sam and Sebastian who was always a pleasure to contact and set up lessons.

I would recommend Sam and Apia Driving School to all.

Passed driving test at Marrickville

Sarah ReviewThey are amazing. As someone who has issues with anxiety Nic got me driving carefree so soon. I can not say enough good things about Apia. Likey is my favourite. Thanks for everything


Tata ReviewI recommend Apia Driving School and Danny is a fantastic driving instructor he is friendly, helpfully wether you are a first time or have previously received lessons Apia Driving School will look after you so many thanks for Danny to getting me through from start to finish.


Wayne ReviewI had Sam as an instructor and he was very calm and a great teacher. I was an older student, 37 and Sam used my age an experience as a passenger to great effect. I’ll be recommending APIA, and Sam to anyone I know

Passed driving test at Marrickville

Lulu ReviewCouldn’t recommend highly enough. I was on a tight deadline to pass my Ps test before heading overseas, and Sam got me there. He was patient, lovely and very knowledgable – wouldn’t have passed without him!

Go Apia!! & thank you!

Passed driving test at Five Dock

Isabel ReviewThanks to my amazing and friendly instructor Danny I passed my p’s test first go without loosing any points. Would 100% recommend Apia to anyone


Olly ReviewThanks Danny for being legit the best driving instructor and helping me correct all my bad habits. I passed first go and would recommend Apia to everyone


Asma ReviewExcellent learning. Passed my P1 test in first attempt… Special thanks to Apia driving school in general and instructor Nicolo in particular for their ever-lending support and patience :)… Highly recommended… Extremely satisfied!!! Thank You Apia!


Susan Reviews

Thank you Danny for being such a fantastic instructor! I am an older driver who thought I would never pass but Danny was enthusiastic, clear and respectful. I could not have done it without you!

Passed driving test in Beverly Hills


Anita ReviewBig thanks to Nicolo for the great teaching; professional in approach yet very friendly and helped me feel confident and safe behind the wheel 🙂


I have had nothing but great experience with Apia Driving School and will recommend them to anybody who wants to learn how to drive. Special thanks to Jerry, for teaching me, You are a wonderful teacher and the driving tips and skills you have taught me enabled me to pass the test on my first attempt.


Thuba ReviewA big thanks to Master danny, wouldn’t have done it without your awesome coaching skills, and has been patient throughout. Not only helped me with my driving skills but also self-development. Thank you again Master Danny

Passed driving test at Five Dock

Jenna Review

Absolutely fantastic!! Amazing service and great communication with Nic in head office. But my greatest compliments to Danny for being a wonderful, thorough and detailed but not dull instructor. Would highly recommend!


Lila Review

Nicolo and Sam were awesome, friendly instructors who took me from a scared older driver to a comfortable driver who might even have fun behind the wheel sometimes. I passed on the first go (even though I was so nervous that I didn’t think I would) and I feel certain they would have talked to me honestly if they had thought I wasn’t ready.


Ezmi Review

Nicolo and the Apia team were super friendly and helpful throughout my learning journey. Thank you guys!
The biggest THANK YOU goes to my instructor Sam. I couldn’t have done it without you, mate! Thanks for everything 🙂


Esther Review

Thanks to my amazing instructor, Jerry, I am now a proud P-plater! I seriously couldn’t have done it without someone breaking it down into small steps for me. I was so nervous about learning to drive at all (which is why I left it until I was 30 years old!), but the team from Apia, in particular Jerry, helped me to feel in control and capable. Driving is still a little scary, but it’s exciting-scary rather than crippling. I’d highly recommend Apia Driving School to anyone learning to drive.


Dan Review

Thanks to the team for helping me pass the test. I totally recommend this school. Thanks Nick, Arron and Lawrie!


Simon Review

Thanks for another great lesson today Sam, see you next week!


David ReviewI am the guy who r not good at driving at all and if not limited my career development I probably never learn the driving in a manual car
But I am so luck to meet Arron and Nic
During the my learning I worried so much about vehicle control even before I pass the test I was thinking about change of car from manual to auto because it seemed so hard
At that very tough time I got tons tons tons of supports and instruction from Arron to build my confidence and nic always gave calls before and after those times to arrange schedule in the most best. These r the true reason I can finally pass my drive test.
Now I am so happy and feel so lucky about my choice of learning here.
Sincerely hope these guys and their families have a happy life
I so appreciate ur professionals


Dante Review

These guys made driving so easy, I started off so nervous about driving and not confident at all! After one lesson my confidence had already sky rocketed! All the people are so completely lovely and helpful. Definately recommend them!

Passed driving test at Marrickville


Eliza ReviewThank you Nicolo for your excellent teaching and patience 🙂 . From day 1 as a scared little driver behind the wheel, that all changed with APIA and of course Nicolo’s fun attitude to teaching. I honestly felt each lesson was a building block to greater self-confidence on the road. Also, I liked the fact that a record of my progress was maintained as it ensured the following lessons could be dedicated to specific areas which needed further improvement. In saying this, I totally recommend APIA to beginners of all ages 🙂

Passed driving test at Five Dock

Apia Driving School was fantastic! Arron was a great instructor. He was thorough with the driving techniques and road rules and taught every lesson in a positive and calm manner. Every lesson was worthwhile. The organisation of the driving school was really good, with courtesy reminder messages and follow-up calls to see how the lessons were progressing. Apia Driving school offers quality lessons in a positive and friendly manner. I would definitely recommend Apia Driving School to any new drivers.


Kevin ReviewMany thanks to the Apia team. Highly recommended driving school for their professionalism and most important in helping me getting my license. A special thanks to my instructor Aaron, you Rock!! everytime am driving now i still have your voice in my head saying head check 🙂


AmolAmazing driving school. I started completely fresh as a learner driver and was able to get my P plate in the first attempt. Thanks to a great teaching by Jerry. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to learn proper driving. Thank you Team Apia!

Passed driving test at North Ryde

Arron was an absolute pleasure to learn to drive with. He was patient, constructive and always happy to assist me wherever I needed it. No judgement from these guys and made the entire experience pleasurable. Would defintiely recommend!!

Passed driving test at Marrickville

Learning how to drive with Apia was great. I had a teacher that helped me progress at my pace and made me feel confidant with my driving. When it came time for my test i felt in control and well able to pass my test. I would definitely recommend driving with Apia.


Genisis ReviewThank you Apia Driving School Danny is a Fantastic Driving instructor . Actually , the BEST !! I would so recommend Apia to everyone . If it wasn’t for Danny’s Instructive lessons on Parking and Driving I wouldn’t have passed my P’s Test and be as confident on the road as I am today .
Thank youuu 🙂

Passed driving test at Five Dock

Alan Reviews

Great instructor (Jerry)

Got licence first time

Passed driving test in Silverwater

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About the Safer Drivers Course

P platers in their first 6 months of driving are 8 times as likely of being involved in a casualty crash, as compared to when they are a learner driver - The core aim of the Safer Drivers Course is to prepare learner drivers for the transition from supervised driving, to driving solo once they graduate to their P’s.  The course is designed for learner drivers who have accumulated a significant number of on road driving hours,

How to Book

What to expect

The Safer Drivers Course is delivered over two sessions:

  • Module 1 is a 3 hour facilitator led inclass session with 12 learner drivers.
  • Module 2 is a 2 hour in-car session with two learner drivers and a professional driving instructor

Module 1

Module 1 of the Safer Drivers Course is a 3 hour in class session.  It is run as an informal group discussion led by an experienced facilitator, with 6-12 learner drivers. The main focus of this sessions are to:

  • Develop an awareness of the increase in crash risk for young drivers when they transition from from supervised to independent driving.
  • Look at reducing your crash risk by adopting safe driving behaviours, minimising risk taking and making safe on-road decisions.
  • Introduce ‘low-risk driving strategies’, such as crash avoidance space, speed management, gap selection, etc… which will be put into practise in module 2.
  • Reducing your crash risk by managing peer influence, passenger behaviour and general lifestyle pressures that can lead to speeding, driver distraction and fatigue.

Module 2

Module 2 of the course is a 2 hour in-car session, compelted along with another learner driver and your allocated Coach.  Safer Drivers Course Coaches are always fully qualified professional driving instructors and you will be driving a fully insured and dual control equipped driving instructor's car.

Although the session is delivered by a professional qualified driving instructor, this is not your average driving lesson.  Module 2 of the Safer Drivers Course will focus on helping you better understand low-risk driving strategies such as speed management, gap selection, hazard awareness and safe following distances; Equipping you with the knowledge and skills to be aware and confident of your surroundings.  So you get the most out of the course, your Coach will not spend time on technical skills such as parking, 3 point turns or Driving Test preparation, these are best covered at another time in one-to-one driving lessons with a driving instructor.

Whilst Low risk driving strategies should always form part of a well structure curriculum delivered through driving lessons by a professional driving instructor, module 2 of the Safer Drivers Course is a dedicated low risk driving session allowing you and your coach to really focus on what matters most - Staying safe on our roads.

Book Here – Check Locations and Dates

Click on your closest location below to check on dates/times and to Book.  

We will be offering the Safer Drivers Course throughout much of NSW, if your location isn’t listed below, please call on 1300 33 2742 or email us to find out when a course will next be running near you - saferdrivers@apiadrivingschool.com.au





Frequently Asked Questions


  • How much does the Safer Drivers Course cost?
  • The course cost is $140


  • How do I book?
  • What do I need to book?
  • You’ll need to have handy your Learner's Licence and logbook, so that you can pass on some information that we’ll need to process your booking.
  • To make payment you’ll need a credit card.  If you’re booking online, then you’ll have an opportunity to pay just prior to confirming your booking and if you book via phone or email, we’ll send you a secure link to process your payment.
  • Can I do Module 2 in a manual car?
  • Apia Driving School and many of the Safer Drivers Course providers only offer the course in an automatic vehicle, this allows the learner and driving instructor to ensure the focus of the session stays firmly on developing low risk driving habits.
  • Can I do Module 2 in my own vehicle
  • Module 2 must be completed in an approved dual-control vehicle, so participants are not able to complete this module in their own vehicle.
  • Can I do the Safer Drivers Course with my friend?
  • Yes, absolutely!  The best way to make sure you are on the same course together is to book 2 spots at the same time. Otherwise, you can also contact us to request being on the same course.


  • What do I need to be eligible for the course?
  • Learner drivers must hold a valid NSW learner licence, be under 25 years of age, have completed 50 logbook hours (of actual on road experience) to be eligible for the course (logbook credits gained under the 3 for 1 Scheme are not included in this total). 
  • Can I just book in module 1 of the course now and do module 2 later?
  • No, in most cases the course will be organised so that the module 2 session will take place on the same day as the module 1 session, after a short break. 
  • When this is not the case, the module 2 session will be scheduled at the time you book into the course and must strictly be completed within 14 days of attending the module 1 session.
  • I have a Victorian Learners Licence, can I complete the course?
  • Unfortunately, you must hold a valid NSW Learner Licence to be eligible for the course.
  • How old do I have to be to take advantage of the course?
  • You must be under 25 years old and hold a NSW drivers Licence.
  • I have 35 hours of driving plus 20 hours bonus from the 3 for 1 scheme, is this enough to be eligible?
  • No, you must have 50 hours of onroad driving  (3 for 1 bonus hours are not included in the total).
  • I have 48 hours in my log book, can I enrol now?
  • No, it’s a requirement that you have completed 50 log book hours of actual road driving to be eligible for the course.
  • I have completed over 50 hours of logbook hours, but I haven’t written them in my log book, can I do the course and complete my other hours later?
  • No, when you arrive on the day of your course you will need to present your logbook that already reflects that you have completed the minimum 50 hours of driving.


  • If I already have a bonus 20 hours from the 3 for 1 Professional Driving Lessons Scheme, will I still get another 20 hours?
  • Yes, absolutely!  The Safer Drivers Course is a separate program and an additional opportunity to reduce your driving hours.  If you complete both, that’s a total of 40 bonus hours!... only 80 driving hours to go!
  • Can I get help with my reverse parking and help preparing for my driving test?
  • Module 2 of the Safer Drivers Course will focus on helping you better understand low-risk driving strategies such as speed management, gap selection, hazard awareness and safe following distances; ultimately preparing you for when you drive unsupervised on your Ps.  So you get the most out of the course, your trainers will not spend time on technical skills such as parking, 3 point turns or Driving Test preparation, you can always arrange a driving lesson with a professional Driving Instructor to work on these areas with you.
  • Isn’t the Safer Drivers Course run by NRMA?
  • No, this is a common misconception. The Safer Drivers Course is delivered throughout New South Wales by a number of accredited providers, all of equal standing, NRMA just happens to be one of these provider.
  • What do I bring on the day?
  • You will need to ensure you have your NSW Learner Licence and logbook otherwise you will not be able to complete the course; all other course materials will be supplied on the day.